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Where inspiration meets perspiration

Who we are

We're all about Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship. It's in our name.
We are curious, hungry, innovative and relentless.

Born out of a collegiate business school course, Icepiration is training the next generation of coders, programmers, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

Icepiration fills in the gaps when traditional education is not enough.

Through our proven weekend programs and courses, high school students will be exposed to the most useful skills in technology and business.

Our programs regularly host guests ranging from professional athletes to top executives and serial entrepreneurs.

Create. Design. Code. Launch.

Come along for the ride. We're just getting started.

  • Ventures Launched
  • Lives Changed
  • Dreams fulfilled
  • Goals accomplished

Our Team

Mukesh Patel
Chief Inspiration Officer
Mukesh is a serial entrepreneur with experience in private equity, angel investments, and business law. Mukesh has founded numerous ventures, including JuiceTank, NJ’s largest co-working space.
Hettle Patel
Chief Catalyst
Hettle is an entrepreneur with experience in the clinical, business, and technical side of various industries. She focuses on strategy, business development and project management.
Alison Rodriguez
Chief Curator
Alison is a digital marketing and content expert with experience in crowd-building strategies and transforming complex ideas into accessible content. Alison has shaped dialogue through multiple platforms to a global audience.
Paul Rodriguez
Chief Advocate
Paul is an attorney at the law firm of Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP. Paul is a business law attorney, with his specialties including securities, intellectual property law and social enterprise.
Enrique Martinez
Strategy and Operations
Enrique is a recent graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey. At Icepiration, he is in charge of making sure the team is moving fast and efficiently. He is also the Community Manager for JuiceTank, NJ’s premier entrepreneur center.
Peter Tenido
Digital Marketing and Social Media
I’m an educator and a scientist. I like travel, food, art, film, and literature. I want to change the world and I love working with people who want to do the same
Rachael Shee
Cash Flow Enthusiast and Social Media DJ
Rachael is a student at Rutgers University majoring in Economics with a double minor in Computer Science and Psychology. She is the team leader for the finance division of ICEpiration and is also involved with social media marketing
Sakib Jalal
Full Stack Developer
Aspiring inventor, engineer, and technology virtuoso. Education aficionado and agile learner. Hackathon fanatic and disruptive ideas enthusiast. I seek to be an expanding nucleus of positive change.
Balaji Suresh
The Techie Guy
Masters Student at Rutgers learning Computer Science. I like learning, and creating things from scratch has always been my passion. I found computer technology to be the best way to do this, so I chose it as my profession.
Jeff Kole
Finance and Law
Jeff is a JD/MBA student at Rutgers with experience in corporate law, private equity, and raising capital for technology firms.
Sriniketh Gande
Capital Wiz
Sriniketh is a junior at the Rutgers Business School double majoring in Finance and Mathematics. He is currently a project manager for Rutgers Enactus, an international non­profit organization
Rudy Yang
Cash Engineer
I’m currently finishing up my last two years at Rutgers University, majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics and CS. I strongly believe in hard work ethics, as when you achieve your goals it feels amazing and it only pushes you to reach the next milestone!
David Shah
Strategy and Operations
Senior at Rutgers Business School. He is currently the President of Rutgers Enactus, an international non­profit entrepreneurship organization. David has been awarded as one of the 100 most inspiring leaders in Edison, NJ
Aditi Mehta
Rutgers Business School student. Active member of Rutgers Enactus, an international entrepreneurial service organization. A hardcore fashion nerd, Aditi aspires to one day launch her own clothing line.
Melissa Diep
President of Rutgers University Business for Youth (RUBY)
Rutgers Business School student. The three things that I believe in the most are travel, entrepreneurship, and giving back. Giving back is important because a small act of kindness creates a ripple effect of good deeds.
Mike Tyburczy
Mike is currently a senior at Rutgers University studying economics and entrepreneurship.
Roop Pal
15 year old incoming Freshman to Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Roop is interested in programming, particularly artificial intelligence. Roop was a panelist at Technology Salon on wearable technologies in NY. Founder of
Priya Sharma
Money Mastermind
Rutgers Business School student majoring in Finance and Supply Chain. As a member of the Finance team, I hope to gain and spread inspiration and knowledge within the digital entrepreneurship field along the way!
Janice Dru
As a marketer and entrepreneur, Janice generates innovative ideas, drawing insights from multiple industries to implement better solutions.


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